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MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement Watch Watch Releases

With the original Legacy Machine No. 1 watch discontinued (the LM1 Final Edition completed the series), Swiss MB&F now introduces the Legacy Machine Split Escapement, which debuts in four styles. Gone is the numerical naming convention, though the Legacy Machine Split Escapement would technically be the fifth in this sub-collection within the overall MB&F brand. […]

MB&F Destination Moon Clock By L’Epée Luxury Items

The quirky collaborations between Swiss watchmaker MB&F and Swiss clock-maker L’Epée have a unique identity that is equal parts outrageous, childlike awe-inducing, and sometimes head-scratchingly confusing. Whether it’s a nightmare-inducing mechanical arachnid or a whimsical yet seemingly war-ready robot buddy, these projects have explored some, let’s say, “creative” concepts in the way of tabletop clocks, and […]